How to make Cisco phone re-grab a new SEP<MAC>.cnf.xml


I have Asterisk set up and also a TFTP HPA daemon set up on the same Ubuntu server. The TFTP’s folder contains the SEP.cnf.xml files and also new SIP firmware to be accessed by registering Cisco 7970 phones.

The first time I booted the phone, it downloaded the firmware and upgraded fine. Then later, I had to change something in its SEP.cnf.xml file but I can’t get the Cisco phone to grab the new file no matter how many times I reboot the phone.

I know it did not grab the newest SEP.cnf.xml file because I changed the tag in the file and the text on the top right corner of the phone still has not changed

Please help, thanks.

Argh, it was an elusive NAT issue that prevented the phone from getting the new cnf.xml files

Sorry for the post.