Analog to VoIP conversion

Hi everybody,
We are looking for some help or correction if we’re overlooking something.

The scenario we are dealing with is a hospital that has 25 analog phones (1 line) connected to an old switchboard (Panasonic KX-TD1232). In addiction, we installed Asterisk in a server which provides a network of 15 VoIP phones spread all over the same building. The main target is to combine the technologies and allow the calls in both directions.

Thanks to a FXO module placed in the PBX, we are able to call from the VoIP to analog telephony. But no viceversa (from analog to VoIP).

How can we do this conversion? What sort of solutions do we have?
Is it enough with our FXO module?

Thank you all =)

In principle, the FXO modules should be enough. If it is a Digium one, you should be able to get support according to the first sticky posting on this forum.

Which Number are you dialing to reach VOIP numbers from your analogue phones ? Do you connect Digium FXO module to FXS port in Panasonic ? I think you have problem in DialPlan and not the FXO module .

You are right, we connected the FXO module to a FXS port in Panasonic. Then, edited the Dialplan and commuted the digital extensions (3 numbers) with the analog ones (4 numbers): I picked one for the conversion. From VoIP to analog, fine! But from analog to VoIP, it fails.

Do you know if a 24 FXS port Gateway could be the solution (one for each extensions although we only have 1 telephone line)? From the switchboard, all the analog extensions connected to the gateway and the Ethernet output to our LAN network?

Ofcourse FXS gateway can be a good solution but with the current scenario you could have both way dialing too . asterisk log would help to find the problem .

I’ve done this several ways in the past. One, as you suggested earlier, by using a 24 port TDM card, and another by using Linksys PAP2T adapters, each adapter can handle two phones. This was done in cases where the analog phones, and in one case, an old analog switch with 70+ extensions, were going to be lingering around for quite awhile post conversion.