How to know AMD Statistic

Hello everyone, someone can help me to know how can to extract AMD statistic of my asterisk. Exists a tool to obtain AMD statistic of a detailed way?

You get one of three results. Human, Machine or Unknown

Yes but, to adjust some configuration in amd.conf file. I think that I need to know more about the result of HUMAN,MACHINE OR UNKOWN.

For example the average of time ring of the calls before to be answer and evaluate call noise how average…

You can write a custom dialplan and output the results somewhere, depending on your use case. There are two variables available which gives some insight: AMDSTATUS and AMDCAUSE.

exten => _X.,1,Answer()
same => n,AMD()
same => n,NoOp("AMD: ${AMDSTATUS} - ${AMDCAUSE}")
same => n,Hangup()
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