Asterisk 13 AMD issues


I work for a company that manages multiple Asterisk installations in call center environments, all running various versions. We’ve recently migrated some clients to Asterisk 13 (13.18.2) and have run into an interesting issue with AMD: it doesn’t seem to detect humans. Instead, there has been a large increase in the number of “NOTSURE” AMD statuses. There has been no change in any settings we run AMD with and have been using these settings successfully in previous versions. Has anyone run into this or something similar?

We’re calling AMD() with the following settings:
initialSilence - 2000
greeting - 2000
afterGreetingSilence - 1000
totalAnalysis Time - 5000
miniumWordLength - 120
betweenWordSilence - 50
maximumNumberOfWords - 4
silenceThreshold - 512


we have the same issue here.

We get lot of “NOTSURE” and no “MACHINE” or “HUMAN”