Asterisk AMD Problem


i have an issue with my AMD in Asterisk,

any help will be greatlly appreciated.


The senario is that I have placed an AMD on any call comming into extension 1129. it worked fine earlier but suddenly it has stopped working and started to display a message on my asterisk CLI

which says:

AMD: Changed state to STATE_IN_SILENCE

my extensions.conf looks like:

exten => 1129,1,Answer()
exten => 1129,n,AMD()
exten => 1129,n,Goto(Status-${AMDSTATUS})
exten => 1129,n(Status-HUMAN),Dial(SIP/1129)
exten => 1129,n,Hangup()
exten => 1129,n(Status-MACHINE),Congestion()
exten => 1129,n(Status-NOTSURE),Congestion()
exten => 1129,n(Status-HANGUP),Congestion()

according to my amd.conf the AMD process should take 10000ms to decide its a human voice or

machine. but what id does as soon as i dial 1129, it gives me the above CLI message, i.e. in

less than a sec.

any help will be greatlly appreciated, thanks in advance.

Muhammad Ali.