How to install PWLIB and OPENH323?

Hi, i am experiencing a problem in installing pwlib and openh323. Actually i have installed pwlib_v1_9_0 without any problem, but i cant install openh323_v1_17_1. i have used the following command for pwlib and openh323.

[size=150]for pwlib:[/size]
#cd /src
#wget … src-tar.gz
#tar zxvf pwlib-v1_9_0-src-tar.gz
#cd pwlib_v1_9_0/
#make install
#make opt
#export PWLIBDIR

[size=150]for openh323:[/size]
cd /src
wget … src-tar.gz
tar zxvf openh323-v1_17_1-src-tar.gz
cd openh323_v1_17_1/
make —> this is where i get stuck
make opt
make install
export OPENH323DIR

the make command for openh323 shows a lots of errors relating to h225_1.ccx
plz help

the installation steps seem good.

I’ve installed openh323-v1_18_0 without any problems.
in the openh323 directory :


make clean

make opt

good luck !

It did not help!!! anymore suggestions ? plz


i installed another version of openh323----> v1.12.2 without any problem

but there is another problem. where can i find the h323 configuration file.

Actually what im trying to do is, send and recieve calls from our linux+asterisk server to Quintum gateway and the gateway will thrwo our call to the pstn. All of this should be done using h323 channel. so i need to configure the channell first. so where is the h323.conf file located in linux environment?

did you even look in the wiki ? … 3+channels