How to install Asterisk™ - the Open Source PBX!

Hi All

Can anyone tell what is the hardware and software required to run the asterisk PBX.

I need to know step by step procedure to install Asterisk™ - the Open Source PBX!.

After installing the PB do i require to tie up with voip company to make overseas calls.

Wating for reply.

I am a newbie here, but here are some good sites I have found.

Most of these deal with Asterisk@Home installs.

Here is the Asterisk@Home Handbook.

Hardware requirements are listed in most as a P3 450MHz+ 256MB 20Gig HD.
Voip provider is up to you. It depends on who, where, and how long. Most of these sites recommend Broadvoice.

I almost forgot a couple other good info sites:

Good Luck.


Thanks for your reply. can you please provide the direct link of the astrist software.


Asterisk sources can be downloaded from:

tutorials on how to install and compile it can be found on: … ation.html

more can be found with google.

Asterisk at home can be found at: … wQHUpPGmBw

Thanks, I have downloaded astrisk@home software. When i run the CD its stopping at this stage.

[DR-DOS] A:> -

I have also downloaded DR-DOS 7.03 try to make disc and i am getting this message “there is no disckett inside” I am sure the floppy disc snd floppies are working fine.

Any Suggestions?