How to implement billing in Asterisk?

Hello team!

I have an application which making a calls based on call files. This calls are paid depending on the route. Within country or international or/and which telecommunication provider was used. I know all routes and their costs from my SIP provider.

Asterisk has an CEL (Channel Event Logging) based and CDR (Call Detail Records). Meaning that CDR:

It isn’t recommended for generating billing data.

So I’m looking into CEL because it can be used to generate billing data.
I will need to analyze all calls made for specific period of time, for example - month, and based on this data create an invoice for clients. Each call will be charged depending on their context, context will be linked to routes (long distance call, international call, etc).

My guess it should be 3-rd party app. I have experience with simple asterisk-cdr-viewer, but it’s for CDR is anyone know similar which can generate billing data based on CEL?

Thank you answers, any advices will be valuable!

You could store the CEL data into SQL databases, then configure SELECT statements in SQL to extract the data periodically for reporting.

So simple, easy and enough solution, thanks.

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