How to get the number of ongoing call for a PJSIP endpoint?


From the dial plan, how do you get the number of calls a PJSIP endpoint is involved in without using GROUP/GROUP_COUNT functions

GROUP/GROUP_COUNT are fine but as they require me to consistently use them all over the dialplan, alternatives are welcome.

  1. My first thoughts were to look for chan_sip/curcalls equivalent but I haven’t find a PJSIP equivalent. Did I miss somethings

  2. Then, I can play with with CHANNELS output but it doesn’t please me either.
    What would you suggest ?

Best regards

If you don’t want to use the CHANNELS function, I see no other options than an external (AGI) script, that does the magic through the AMI interface. It would get the list of channels, and count how many has the target endpoint involved… Kinda like what you could do with the CHANNELS function, but might be easier than using the dial plan.

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