Maxcall per user with PJSIP

Hi all,

with SIP there were a special field, called call-limit.
We cannot find something like that with PJSIP.

We manage to to things using group() and group_count(), it is not easy as we have to managed for caller AND callee.
We are using database to set max call per users
But if you add pickup this is more complicated :slight_smile:
We managed to do some things but we’d like to know if there is a better (more simple!) way ?

Do you know if there is a function that returns the number of channel where a user is
Something like count_chan(PJSIP/bob) would be perfect !

Thanks a lot

I don’t know if such function exist, but you can create your own function using :
Asterisk core show channels command, grep,wc, and shell ()

Hi and thanks for this reply

This means that we can use asterisk and linux command into dialplan ? I’ll have a look at it.
But won’t it be to slow to call such command to count how many calls a user have just to decide if we send the call or not ?

As you are not querying a DB the command reply and processing is extremely fast

Also don’t know if there is a better way, but you can simplify your command pipeline from:

asterisk -x 'core show channels' | grep SIP/poly-77a1 | wc --lines


asterisk -x 'core show channels' | grep --count SIP/poly-77a1

and save a couple of milliseconds :slight_smile:

Many thanks for that !
This seems more easy and accurate than using group() and group_count() that has problem with pickup.

Just one weird thing :

alice calls bob
charlie pickup bob

if we do :

asterisk -x 'core show channels' | grep --count PJSIP/user

for user= alice, bob and charlie, we get 1 (bob should be at 0, no ?)

But if we do (change core by pjsip) :

asterisk -x 'pjsip show channels' | grep --count PJSIP/user

for user= alice and charlie we got 1
for user = bob we get 0 what is correct

Then when picking up someone, something remain into the core and this is what we saw when usings group()

I wonder how others people are doing to have a call limit for each case : call between A and B, pickup, transfert, conference, and so on.

We will try with above commands and see how it goes

Thanks to both of you !!

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