Name of endpoint

How can I learn the name of the device (endpoint name) of the current subscriber, who is making a call? I need to identify the caller and save some settings (redirecting number etc.).

If you are using PJSIP then the CHANNEL dialplan function[1] can provide the endpoint name. Otherwise you’ll need to be more specific about what exactly you are using.


I want to save some settings under endpoint name, for example, the redirecting number. I am only to do this only basing on caller id, but it can be shared among a number of different extensions.

Then the CHANNEL dialplan function I mentioned will give you the endpoint name. How you use it, save information, etc is up to you.

I see. I must cut it out of the channel name.

No, if you are using PJSIP then the CHANNEL dialplan function can be used to get the endpoint name:


Thank you. That’s what I need.

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