How to get the channel ID at AMI?


I am trying and looking for a way to get the real-time channel ID to do a REDIRECT call through AMI. Here is the channel information I have after I make a call from SIP/1001 to SIP/2001.

CLI> core show channels
Channel Location State Application(Data)
SIP/2001-0980f2d0 (None) Up Bridged Call(SIP/1001-097b79f8
SIP/1001-097b79f8 2001@internal:1 Up Dial(SIP/2001| 10| Tt)
2 active channels
1 active call

The channel info “SIP/1001-097b79f8” is needed to redirect the call. How can I get this at AMI? Do I miss anything?

New to Astrerisk. Any help is highly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance!!!