How to get in middle of a conversartion


I have a doubt about how to get in a middle of a conversation between two persons. I mean this: we have a callcenter/heldesk on my company and we have 4 people answering the calls. I’m a supervisor and sometimes, i need to get into some conversations do help the guy to solve some problems. How can i dot that ? How can i “catch” a call during the conversation between this two people ? I mean, with this, three people will be on the conversation.

PS: sorry about my english. I don’t speek it very well !!!

Thank you.

If you let the caller and the callee join a conference you an always join the conference. You need some smart things in your dialplan but it can be done.


With 1.4 the chanspy application has a whisper function so you can talk to the channel you have spied on.

see for full details