How to get flutter of asterisk

sorry to disturb you i have a concern which i would like to share and if it’s possible to have a feedback. Indeed I am setting up a voip platform where my Pbx is freePBx this during I am devellop a softphone which I want to connect to my server but I do not know how to have the flutter of asterisk which will be able to allow. Thank you

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by the “flutter” of Asterisk. Can you try to explain that in more detail?

hi i want to use our app for messages, video calls and simple calls and my freepbx server is already set up to do it at this moment we use other softphone we have (zoiper, and others) but we want to use ours app . I would like to know if asterisk provides an API that can allow me to link the server to our application.

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