How to get codec_opus on aarch64

I am trying to enable codec_opus on aarch64 to use it for high audio calls over webrtc as recommended in the docs.

I see the following error when compiling asterisk:

codec_opus: External module downloading is not available for the aarch64 platform. Only x86 based platforms are currently supported. Please disable this module in menuselect.

Is there any way I can get/compile codec_opus on aarch64?

The codec_opus module is closed source and not available for aarch64. There is an open issue[1] but no time frame on such a thing.

[1] [ASTERISK-27028] codec_opus: Build for ARM (pi, beagle bone, etc) - Digium/Asterisk JIRA


Alexander Traud made patches to include an open source Opus codec in Asterisk 13 (

It also works as far up as the latest master and as it compiles is usable on aarch64.

He also did codecs for amr-wb and evs.


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