How to get calls from sim card to a softphone on mobile?

Hello guys.

I know that my question might be answered before but I didn’t find the information for what I want to implement.

I use sim cards as a business numbers since years and now I can’t handle all the calls coming to the phones so I decided to leave them for someone else to handle the incoming calls and answer them.

The issue that other people who will answer calls sometimes do mistakes in addition, I travel to other countries and I want a solution to give me the ability to receive and make calls from the sim cards during I’m travelling through a softphone on my mobile and in the other hand I can monitor and record calls between the person in my office and the clients. so I can review them from anywhere anytime.

After a lot of search I found that I can use gsm voip gateway and connect it to asterisk server to manage the calls from sim cards and transfer them to a voip phone. so If that’s good solution then I wish if someone help me to know what else I need to complete the circle.

So my questions are:

1- How to receive the incoming calls on mobile from everywhere (Which softphone to use?)
2- What’s the other equipment needed to make the solution that I want run correctly?
3- Let’s say I want to use a voip phone to receive the call in another country… what else needed to connect it to the server to get the calls from sim cards at my office in my origin country?

Your clear answer and explain are highly appreciated


I will be short:

  1. With a softphone like cSipSimple (for me best, but there is no support apox 2years), Zoiper…
  2. I’m using Orange PI Plus, and USB dongle Huawei e1550.
  3. UYou will need opened ports 5600 UDP and 10000-10100 UDP ports, and internet minimum 3g, or better wifi with low ping, and always online softphone client.
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Hi . e
Most of the Gms Voip gateways already running turn-key asterisk inside ,
You insert SIM cards, setup SIP login/pasword for each SIM port, and route calls from GSM to VOIP / Voip to GSM .

For example, GOIP gsm gateways in many countries, route incoming GSM call to VOIP ( a registered SIP lines ) ( VOIP Clients, or SIP server). in your native country you can receive calls or send calls ).

For production, it is recommended to setup a VPN server ( openvpn), with asterisk on same server., where you dispatch your calls ( Raspberry or Orange is good idea for 20 concurrent calls )

it also send/receive SMS for you!

Softphones which I can suggest - is Bria , Zoiper (most user friendly), and cSipSimple

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Thank you guys for your replies, it was very helpful to me. and now I know that I can make it but I still have more questions that came in my mind,

I wonder if it’s possible to install asterisk + OpenVPN server on a VPS like DigitalOcean for example and if I still can connect the gsm voip gateway with it (GOIP). Is it possible, and how it connect? Do I still need to install any additional software on the PC or the machine that GOIP plugged into it? (Raspberry or Orange … etc)

is it better to install asterisk on the same machine that GOIP plugged in or a VPS is more better?

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