Incoming calls on voip gateway

on PRI i can easly take incoming calls on any DID under [from-pstn] context…
how can i receive inbound calls on voip gsm gateway where customer will call on diffrent diffrent sims

Could you explain where you see a difficulty? How does the gateway signal which SIM was used? Are you talking about chan_dongle, or a SIP to GSM gateway?

If chan_dongle, note that it is community supported code, and there may be little expertise here.

Ultimately it’s up to the gateway to provide the necessary information for Asterisk to be able to route things, or separate configuration (and contexts) are used for each.

I am using a IP based GSM gateway to make ob calls now if somebody call back on my sim then I want to handle that call in particular queue??

do i need to create sip account to accept call from there

What happens when you try and make an inbound call.

At the moment this feels like a question for the gateway supplier, not one about Asterisk.

nothing David, I have created a sip configuration where specidied context name like below

in extensions.conf
exten =>9999,1,Answer()
exten =>9999,n,Hangup()

and there is one more section in gsm gateway sip server through which i registered 9999 on gsm gateway as external sip server and showing registered…then one option call handling in gsm gateway on paritcular port where i put desniation number 9999/9811431807

when i put 9811431807 and then i call on gsm sim which is plugged on that gsm port calls comes directoly on 9811431807 but it does not come on astersik in any way 9999/9811431807

If nothing happens on Asterisk, you need to trace back through the network to where something happens. You should, at least get the incoming INVITE logged, when you enable sip debugging.

What happens on the gateway when you follow section 3.6.1 in and what options did you set there?