How to get CalledID number from B410p isdn card

I have succesfully install Asterisk 1.2.5 in a debian ETCH distro.
Everything is working fine and my b410p card is working perfectly.
But I need some information or advise in the following sittuation

I have installed the asterisk server to a small callcenter and I need to get the CalledID number in my dialplan.

I am not talking about the callerID ( the number that is calling ) but the CalledID (the number that the client called)
I need this info in order to redirect calls to queues .

${CalledID(num)} function returns null

I have also enabled full loging from misdn.conf file and i can see the Called number described as dad:
Is there any way to grab this info

Any Ideas!!!

Did you resolve this issue?

I have the same card.

I have the same problem on one ISDN 2e where we have 10 DDI’s on another ISDN 2e with no DDI’s it is fine. I am thinking it is a setting that is needed from the actual ISDN provider but any assistance would be appreciated.