Asterisk Inbound caller id TDM410P

I’m running asterisk with dahdi 2.2.1 and asteriskgui SVN-branch-2.0-r4991, and have a problem in the fact that since building a new server any inbound calls on our TDM410P have not showed the inbound callerid. It worked before so can’t see why it doesn’t now!

The dahdi-channels.conf file:

; Span 1: WCTDM/0 "Wildcard TDM410P Board 1" (MASTER) ;;; line="1 WCTDM/0/0 FXSKS (SWEC: MG2)" signalling=fxs_ks callerid=asreceived group=0 context=from-pstn channel => 1 callerid=asreceived group= context=default usecallerid=yes hidecallerid=no

Am I missing something?