How to get Agent/Member who answered his/her user or name? In asterisk call recordings

I am using asterisk v18.xx…

I am making call recordings for both Outbound and Inbound.

  • For Inbound calls I can get call recordings but, I cant agent/member that asnwered the call for his/her User ID, for example I have:
    Member=> SIP/1001
    Member=> SIP/1002.

Currently I am getting Inbound calls is : “May 26 10:22 2567689704-Fri May 26 10:22:38 2023-7878-INBOUND-7878.wav” . How to get agent answered the call?

NOTE: 7878 is the short code for inbound calls.

This is my dial-plan for inbound calls:

exten => 7878,1,Set(START_TIME=${STRFTIME(%Y-%B-%d-%u %H:%M:%S)})
exten => 7878,n,Set(MONITOR_FILENAME=${CALLERID(number)}-${START_TIME}-${EXTEN}-INBOUND-7878)
exten => 7878,n,MixMonitor(/home/test/callrecording/${MONITOR_FILENAME}.wav)
exten => 7878,n,Queue(RMM,tT,60)
exten => 7878,n,Hangup()

exten => 7878n,Ringing
exten => 7878,n,Queue(RMM,twh)
exten => 7878,n,Hangup

you could start the recording using the b option in Queue
as there you have access to who is answering
side note you only record answered queue calls, and therefor skip all that lovlu MOH in the beginning of your recordings

Please give sample, how to write that dialPlan about Member/Agent answered the call?

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