How to end a SIP outgoing call immediately on Ringing (180)

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I’m trying to make a beep/missed call server using Call Files functionality. The application is meant for mobile network where call is required to end immediately when ringing 180 is received from called party side. As the ringing time (180 response time) is not fixed in mobile networks so I can not find any application/function which can end call on receiving ringing (180) from called party.
Can anybody provide assistance in this regard.


The receipt of Alerting/Ringing doesn’t necessarily mean that the called phone has rung yet.

The network I’m targeting is using 180 for ringing so no deviations.


A 180 Ringing does not indicate actual ringing. It indicates that the call is being made. You’re always going to have a 180 Ringing response regardless if they answer or don’t answer. You may also even get a 183 Session in Progress if the upstream or other side decides that Early Media is needed to be used.

So if you’re saying that the application requires every call to be disconnected if it receives a 180 Ringing reply then you’re basically saying you need to disconnect every call because that’s what is going to happen.

Are you actually referring to how long the call attempt is made? The Ring Timer?

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What I’m saying is that if you hangup on 180, the callee may not actually get any indication there is a call.


As mentioned, in mobile network, ISUP/BICC ACM corresponds to 180 so there is no issue.Scenario is already verified from mobile network signaling traces.



My target scenario is to release call as soon as 180 is received from peer SIP Trunk. Is there any possible way out?


I doubt that is your target. I think the target is to make the shortest possible call that will actually be recorded as a call from you on the destination device.

However, if it is your target I imagine there is an AMI state change event and you can hangup the call from the AMI handler.

I’m not sure how analogue line caller ID will handle this. The world system doesn’t send caller ID until after the first ring, but presumably sends Alerting before the first ring.

The BT system in the UK sends caller ID before the first ring, but may well send Alerting before the caller ID, rather than immediately before the first ring.

Also, heavy use of this technique may well be seen as a fair usage violation.

Hey David,

Such services are running where you require to send Missed call as confirmation /Polling. With 180 ringing ,it is not possible as confirmation from GSM rather it is between two SIP Peers,you need to understand @naseer. If you are looking for solution similar to mentioned above,i would suggest you to use GSM box interface where ‘AT’ command is used or configure you asterisk to get’ack’from ringing gsm and logg accordingly.

Sound to me like misunderstanding / misuse of SIP, but whatever, everyone likes to make it harder on themselves rather than do things the standard way.

Put opensips in front of asterisk as a proxy and write the script there to abort on 180. it’s exactly the kind of thing a programmable SIP proxy/router was meant to do.

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