Dial timeout from start of ring

Hi Guys

I am wondering if there is any way to set a timeout on Dial command to run from when Asterisk recieves the 180 Ringing message from the SIP channel instead of from when the call is placed?

If anyone could point me in the right direction of how to do this I would appreciate it!



Even if there was, 180 Ringing doesn’t mean the destination just started to emit a sound.


It does however resolve an issue we have. Some destination networks in UK send a recorded message saying number is not available as early media for half a minute or more before sending the 404 message for the call. However when they do this they only send a 183 session progress and not a 180 Ringing.

The early media issue causes out Dialer issues as the system does not know if it is a ringing line or a unavailable line and we timeout before the early media has finished and therefore do not mark the number correctly.


I think you will find some networks that send ringback as early media under cover of 183, with no 180. Certainly a lot of SIP PABXes do this.

Otherwise, I would expect you to use AMI.