Cancel ringing immediately after make call

Hi all,
I’m using Android SIP with Asterisk now,
but I got a problem when I make a call and cancel immediately in the same APP.
If cancel ringing is less than about 5 seconds, it seems Asterisk doesn’t tell incoming call APP anything.
If cancel ringing is more than 5 seconds, incoming call APP will got endCall and close successfully.
I try my App to connect miniSIPServer and it has no such problem.
And I tried CSipSample APP with Asterisk, it has the same problem.
Does anyone can guide me a way to resolve?

Assuming we are talking about cancelling outbound SIP calls. Make sure you have the latest version as there was a bug in cases where CANCEL had to be deferred because no initial response had been received. Otherwise, you will need to provide a SIP trace so as to be able to understand what is really happening.

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