How to download call recordings from asterisk Directory

Hello, Asterisk team;

I have asterisk Machine, I configured Call recordings both Inbound and Outbound call recordings.

since its Not GUI asterisk, How can I download call recordings from the asterisk?
Any web GUI to connect asterisk to download my call recordings? or any other method to download Easley all my call recordings? Thanks

I can suggest:

  1. rsync

  2. install Apache or Nginx and tell them to server the recordings directory

  3. make the recordings directory an NFS share on whatever machine you want to
    use them on

  4. share the recordings directory by NFS so you can access them from elsewhere

  5. Samba if you want access from Windows machines

There are other ideas (eg: database) but depending on where you want to access
the recordings from and how/why, they may be more complicated than necessary
for your purposes.


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