How to create time based rules in extensions.conf?

Hi, does anyone knows how to create time based rules directly in extensions.conf ?
Can you write a practical example to see the correct syntax please ?
I am using AsteriskNow 1.02 and the “time based rules” voice is not into the web interface menu…


Not sure if this is what you are looling for, but I use this to send to an after hours queue/extension (ext. 1490) after hours, on weekends, or on a holiday. If there’s no match on the time it just continues on to the normal queue. You can easlily edit it to go on different days, to other contexts, extensions, etc. If anyone else uses this for the holidays, I think the only one you may have to adjust from time to time is the Veternas Day entry…

; Support Queue - Enter Holidays at top
exten => 1400,1,Answer
exten => 1400,n,GotoIfTime(||1|jan?internal,1490,1) ; New Years
exten => 1400,n,GotoIfTime(|mon|15-21|jan?internal,1490,1) ; Martin LK
exten => 1400,n,GotoIfTime(
|mon|15-21|feb?internal,1490,1) ; Washington BDay
exten => 1400,n,GotoIfTime(|mon|25-31|may?internal,1490,1) ; Memorial Day
exten => 1400,n,GotoIfTime(
||4|jul?internal,1490,1) ; July 4th
exten => 1400,n,GotoIfTime(
|mon|1-7|sep?internal,1490,1) ; Labor Day
exten => 1400,n,GotoIfTime(|mon|8-13|oct?internal,1490,1) ; Columbus
exten => 1400,n,GotoIfTime(
||12|nov?internal,1490,1) ; Veternas Day
exten => 1400,n,GotoIfTime(
|thu|22-28|nov?internal,1490,1) ; Thanksgiving
exten => 1400,n,GotoIfTime(||25|dec?internal,1490,1) ; Christmas
exten => 1400,n,GotoIfTime(17:00-07:29|mon-fri||?internal,1490,1)
; Falls through to support queue if no match
exten => 1400,n,BackGround(custom/1000) ; Play Announcement
exten => 1400,n,Wait(1)
exten => 1400,n,Queue(support)
exten => 1400,n,Hangup

; After Hours Queue
exten => 1490,1,Answer
exten => 1490,n,BackGround(custom/1001) ; Play Announcement
exten => 1490,n,Wait(1)
exten => 1490,n,Queue(afterhours)
exten => 1490,n,Hangup

For more information and an explanation: … GotoIfTime