How to create Softphone in java?

I have done the task successfully , in which I had make a call from extension number to another using XLite software. Now I am trying to make softphone in java. Is it possible to make softphone with asterisk java or do we need SIP client lib for that?if yes please suggest best lib?

Softphone is a client, Asterisk is a server.

How is writing your softphone connected with Asterisk so you need to discuss it here?

If we are being pedantic, the soft phone is a client when making a call and a server when receiving one.

However, I’d tend to agree that one would not normally implement a phone using Asterisk as part of it.

To be honest, this feels like a homework question, as the requirement is over-constrained.

My question is, asterisk promoting asterisk AMI and AGI script are feasible to make my requirement.

The best thing you can do is using an Open source solution as model an then do some touch ups according to your needs. I would recommend you Jisty or go to source forge to find a simpler solution such us this one.