How to create a queue in asterisk?

someone can help me?

Take a deep look on this:


In case you’re new to call centers and Asterisk, I highly recommend you try FreePBX or Elastix (version 2.X) to get started.


Elastic is dead and unsupported though, brand sold to 3cx, so don’t use that.

But the Elastix community released a similar product based on FreePBX 12, called Issabel:

You can also try FreePBX Distro (FreePBX 14).

GUI is certainly easier if you are just starting.

The down side of using a GUI is that you will not know what is really happening,so you will find it is difficult to debug If you have to debug, you will need to ask the GUI community, not the Asterisk one.

I’d normally suggest learning how to do things without the GUI before going into production with the GUI.

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