How to connect two calls from Asterisk externally


We have finally got everything up and running with Asterisk we can make calls locally and things works.

Now what we need to do is create a system that will dial our clients but in this sequence:

  1. Connect to agent at extension 1234
  2. Start calling phone numbers from the queue.
  3. Directly connect the extension 1234 with a connected call from the queue but by way of an external Lucent PBX.

The setup here is Asterisk -> Lucent -> Outside. If we dial 9 we are in the Lucent system, if we dial 99 we are outside.

Is this even possible?



What you are looking for is a progressive mode dialler. You can write you own application or look for a third party one.



100% correct we are looking for a progressive dialer. We already have a full sales system that works perfectly for our in house sales team but we are adding a dialer to it. The dialer is setup already with Asterisk + 110P (T1,E1) card. We have found the Manager API, PhpAGI among others and the actual dialing part is easy we already have that working.

What we are having a problem figuring out is how do we call the ext (91234) then start calling the queue and directly connect the two once the call is complete but using the external PBX so that we can free up the port once the call is complete.

Anyone have any ideas?