How to configure Trixbox to transfer binary data

Please I am just getting acquainted to Trixbox, a version of Asterisk. If i have asterisk set-up on two computer systems I which to transfer binary data like pictures ; and bulk text like Microsoft word file between these, is this possible?

Trixbox includes, rather more than is a version of Asterisk.

The best ways of transferring binary data are to use the underlying OS facilities, and therefoer this is nothing to do with Asterisk, or the Asterisk part of Trixbox. (Typically ftp, or sftp, but can be http, etc. etc.)

Anybody installing Trixbox in 2012 should seek medical attention immediately.
The same goes for users asking questions of sort “is it possible to transfer data beween 2 computers”.
Do people know how to use Google ?

Trixbox and, more specifically, Fonality will make you sad. Don’t be sad. Don’t belive me? Try to find the Update Repositories from a client-site that has Trixbox CE installed… they’re gone.

If you {like me} still need the crutch, allow me to recommend FreePBX in place of Trix. Elastix has a very cute {if not a teeny-tiny bit buggy} GUI, and includes FreePBX. It also has IPTables-based firewall, Fax, IM, Calendar, Email and CRM components already integrated… not the very best, but functional enough… might even be helpful to you in handling the data.

Yeah, it means starting over, but this, I think, is a far better solution than a future with Fonality… {dirty bastttts}