How to configure second line in DPMA config files

We’re running Asterisk 11.7.0 and DPMA version 11.0_2.0.0.

We have a Digium D70 phone authenticating using its MAC address. Everything works fine for the first line.

Now we’re trying to configure a second line for the D70, but can’t figure out how to update the configuration files so that the second line is available.

Is there a How-To document somewhere that explains how to update sip.conf, res_digium_phone, contacts.xml and blfitems.xml so that DPMA makes the line available?


When declaring a type=phone, the accounts on the phone are ordered top-down as they’re declared.

So, where you’ve got:


You’d have a phone with 101 as the primary line, two more “internal” lines (lines local to this Asterisk system) 102 and 103, and then line 104_otherpbx that’s on some other system.


But isn’t there more to it than that … For example, don’t I need a separate SIP account set up for the second line? And do I need to set up a contact / BLF item in order for it to show up on the D70?

Yes. For each “line” on the phone, you’re going to need a corresponding SIP entity in sip.conf.

Lines consume keys prior to BLF items or contacts consuming keys. You don’t have to setup a contact for that line in order to have it shown on the phone.

Thanks for the explanation, Malcolm. We were able to get the second line up and running.