How to configure outgoing calls via SIP?


I have successfully setup Asterisk to call between two users (Magne and Kristine). Now i want to allow those users to be able to call outside the Asterisk network (example to a mobile phone). I already got a SIP account with a provider, and have received a username, phonenumber and a sip host name from them. Now, how can i connect this line to Asterisk, so that Magne and Kristine can use that line to make calls to mobile phones? What files to i need to configure? and what should i put in them?

And If it’s not to much to ask, how can i configure that inbound calls to this line is forwarded to either Magne and Kristine?

Thanks in advance! :smile:

This might help:


Can’t find anything related to my question on that URL.

Not even the “Home” link, near the top?

You can download this free book: (everybody using Asterisk should download this!)

Asterisk The Future Of Telephony

Chapter 4, 5 and 6 might help you get started, the SIP and dialplan parts.
But the best you can do is read it all!

I also found this link!