How to configure a calling card platform from scratch

Hello all,

Okay, I know I am asking a dump question here. But I uses the whole weekend and trying to browse for a solution of building a system that enable me to offer Pinless calling card service. Please point me to the right direction on how to set the server up, configure the server and make it work. Any documentation available online that I can read? I have 4 testing computer ready to reimage with whatever to test it from home. I downloaded asteriskNOW and installed AsteriskNOW + FREEPBX to a brand new hard drive already. But when I access FREEPBX from a web browser, it look like this system will only work with a call center phone system. Which is what I will need in the future once I implement this business. But for now, I am seeking for “how to setup a pinless calling platform using asterisk and whatever the source that I need to use.” I don’t know if this topic fit in this category or not, please move if needed. I appreciate for any input.

Thanks all.

Can anyone here point me to the right direction please?


You are asking too broad a question for a forum. Anyone who could give a good answer is likely to be a competitor. You really need to study the documentation or employ a consultant.

By “pinless”, do you mean that the CLID is used to work out who to bill?

Please have a look at the a2billing application I believe it’s free and have myself gotten it working in the past for fun and it worked pretty well. Here’s a link to check it out. … 2FmMJgUuyA