How to Config multiple softphone working on the same machine

I install X-Lite softphone and Zoiper softphone on the same machine, when I’m using X-lite (401) call to Zoiper (402), averything is OK. But when I use the Zoiper (402) call to X-Lite (401), i can’t see any call.
The reason is that the two softphone using the same port 5060, and we have to change this port of 1 in 2 softphones to another.

  • But i can’t find any where in the X-Lite allow me to change the SIP default port to another port.
  • On the Zoiper, I change the port to 5062, But the status of the Zoiper with the number 402 is failed. How to config Zoiper register with Asterisk and use the number 402?
    Thank you very much!