[Help] Getting different brands of SIP softphones talking

Hi Everyone,

I’ve set up asterisk@home v2.7 and have it running well with x-lite.
I am running it locally in a private network at home, very simple, no external links.

What I want to do is have different softphone clients able to talk to each other (ie, x-lite to sjphone, to Kphone, messenger v5 etc).

I’ve spent some time and managed to have multiple different brands of clients registered with asterisk at any one time, and I have managed to have kphone call x-lite, and messenger call x-lite, but both times I either get really distorted sound quality (one way) or none at all.

Is it ok for them to all be using the same port setting 5060?

Forgiveme if this has been asked before, i spent a fair while trying to find a prevous post.


It would be helpful to post here your extensions.conf and sip.conf