How to change the DID outbound to any value (Number)

Hello, Guys;
I have sip trunk from X provider, They gave me Caller-ID numbers range for example;
202020030 to 202020060

My question is:

  • When I am making outbound call/Outgoing call, Customers will see the First DID number or the Trunk number like " 202020030"!, How shall I change this DID to replace any Number or Special tollfree number instead of displaying The DID(default DID)?
    I need please help!

from_user= 202020030

If I change from_user= 2020200x it will work. But it can’t accept any number except DID ranges numbers.

You will need to authorise the use of the other numbers, individually, with the provider, probably providing proof that you control them. They may provide other means to send a semi-trusted (STIR/SHAKEN attestation level B) number, but you will need to ask them how to do that.

Your subject should say caller ID, not DID, and in other places DID really means a PSTN number allocated to you by the provider. The I in DID is Inbound, so an outbound DID is a contradiction.

Sorry, I mean callerID.

I am using asterisk , I have E1 and SIP(based in ims Infrastructure).

When I am using E1(physical circuit line) I can make outgoing number/callerID what I ever I like to do.

Bur for Sip trunk, it can’t allow any CallerID, it will accept only Long DID from the provider

Most abuse of caller ID has been on SIP, which is why most of the effort to clamp down on it has been directed to SIP.

You cannot do what you want…and even if you could…it is illegal in some jurisdictions. The US is severely cracking down on this due to the gross abuse; scammers were spoofing government agencies.

All calls in the US must go through STIR/SHAKEN. If they are not authenticated, then the carrier can both refuse to forward the call or can mark it as spam. Calls are “verified” that the source is authorized to use that number.

What you want to do is illegal in some countries because it’s been used for nothing but abuse. I’ve noticed since the crackdowns more people are posting here and other places about spoofing CID. This bothers me.

Most of us will assume you are up to no good.

Your provider is whitelisting your DID. So if you set your DID that is not within the range provided by your provider, it will not work. You should subscribe.

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