How to change incoming caller ID from default


My current setup includes Asterisk 1.6 and a digium FXO card. Everything works fine. Caller ID is working. The only problem is that when no caller ID is present, asterisk sends a default FROM address of “asterisk@192.168.1.xx” (where 192.168.1.xx is the SIP server address).
Is there any way to change the default that gets sent when there is no caller ID? I would like to change it from “asterisk” to “Unknown”


I presume you mean the default caller ID sent to SIP peers? I believe that is set in the general section of sip.conf, although youi can always manipulate CALLERID(num) explicitly.
You should not modify the domain part.

you can check the callerID and change it with a simple Gotoif and Set command . you can work on callerid(num) ,callerid(name) , etc

exten => _X,n,GotoIf($["${CALLERID(name)}" != “asterisk” ] ?changecallerID)
exten => _X,n,(changecallerID),Set(CALLERID(name)=“yourcallerid”)

I think you will find that asterisk is being defaulted after the dialplan code has been run.