Cli spoofing - Change caller ID -

Dear …
I am new on asterisk so plz accept my stupid question

My status:
I had installed asterisk on CentOS 7
Connected it to a trunk ( Go-Trunck)
Using Magnus billing
My dialer is zoiper

Everything is set correctly , and I can make calles from my dialer (zoiper) to my number But the caller ID is

Now I want to change the caller ID , but I don’t know how ?
Plz help

Have you set the caller ID in the endpoint definition of your pjsip.conf ?

Many thanks to repond
No I did not , as I don’t know what 2 do hhhhhh

So should I go to
CD /etc/asterisk/Pjsip.conf ?

And add this command ?
Exten => _X.,1,set(CALLERID(num)=+12346677)

Does your service provider allow you to present non-network caller ID and have you provide that you control the number that you intend to present.

No, It’s not a directory.

No, That would be a example of dialplan, dialplan goes in extensions.conf

Many thanks for your help @johnkiniston
But what should I do to munebule the CLI
Sorry for asking many questions, as I am new here

Yes my provider allow me to do that…
But how can I provide that I acan control the number that you intend to presen ?
Many thanks

You already know the difficult bit. Just apply your basic knowledge of how to configure Asterisk.

In your endpoint definition set the caller ID.

callerid= yazan.a.arabi <12346677>

Again many many thanks
Really appreciate your help and support

So do u mean to add this command on
CD etc/Asterisk/extension_magnus.conf
And by yazan u mean the project name

Thanks in advance


Endpoint definitions are usually in pjsip.conf

I have no idea what you call your endpoint so my example uses your name.

hmmm, below is what I have on this destination , I think its responsible for making the calls ,
can u check it & advice how to change the caller ID
again many thanks
File /etc/astersik/extentions_magnus.conf

File /etc/astersik/extentions_magnus.conf

exten => _.,1,AGI("/var/www/html/mbilling/resources/asterisk/mbilling.php")

exten => h,1,hangup()

exten => 111,1,VoiceMailMain(${SIPCHANINFO(peername)}@billing)
	same => n,Hangup()


exten => _.,1,Dial(SIP/GoTrunk/${EXTEN})
	same => n,Hangup()

exten => h,1,Hangup()

Again, I advise you set the caller ID as part of your endpoint definition.

The endpoints caller ID will be reflected on all calls that endpoint makes.