How to BLOCK/anonymize the CallerID of incoming call?


When someone is calling one of my DIDs and has requested to be anonymous, my provider is sending me the call mentioning the anonymity request via using the P-Asserted-Identity but also sends the actual number.

The problem is that the actual number gets passed on to whatever destination extension I have set. How can I prevent the calls that are meant to be anonymous from passing the number to the destination DIDs? Ideally the connected sip friends should see something like “anonymous” instead of the number in order to protect the anonymity of the caller.
I tried everything however I could not make it work. I am confused! :confused:

An example below is when I am calling from an external PSTN anonymous line:

From: sip:(myHIDDEN-TelephoneNumber)@x.x.x.x
Privacy: id

Many thanks for any help!