Change incoming anonymous CID


I’m using asterisk and i’ve noticed that our Cisco SPA50X-phones displays an anonymous call as "Anonymous Caller"
Is there a possibility to change the anonymous@… header, so it will be 0000@…

Als transferred calls with the header “anonymous via Ext001” are displayed as Anonymous Caller instead of “Anonymous via Ext001”

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Joost Lauwen

To set the caller ID to 0000, use Set(CALLERID(num)=0000).

I don’t understand the second question.

You may need to test the value of ${CALLERID(name)} or ${CALLERID(num)}, and you may need to extract the SIP From: header and examine that.

Is this the way to change the CallerID of an incoming call? Our provider is sending us anonymous calls in the following format.
Can this be changed to on our side?

The second question is not relevant. If i can change the anonymous CID then the second question is automatically solved.


core show application execif

core show function CALLERID

core show application set

And look at doc/tex/channelvariables.tex, particularly the bit on expressions (you should be able to find a formatted version somewhere, but I never bother).