How to associate video stream with username, from ontrack

Hi ,
How to associate video stream with username, from ontrack.
I am using asterisk 16.8 jssip 3.9.1.


You’ll need to give far more detail about what you are trying to achieve and where.

Sorry it’s my first topic :slight_smile:

1 - I connect asterisk with: = new JsSIP.UA(config);
2 - I call a video room with :‘sip:’ + room_name + ‘@’ + window.location.hostname , options) and Asterisk : same => n,Confbridge(${EXTEN},default_bridge,default_user,testmenu)
3 - All it’s working i receive audio and video from asterisk for all user with :
this.session.connection.ontrack = (evt) => {
if (evt.track.kind == “audio”) {
HVMeet.Conference.local.remote_stream = evt.streams[0];
document.getElementById(“remotePhone”).srcObject = evt.streams[0];

            if (evt.track.kind == "video") {

my question is how to associate the video with the username ?
the room only returns me the name of the room without the name of the user

There’s a blog post that covers this:

Thanks a lot

Thank you I love asterisk :eight_spoked_asterisk:

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