WebRTC and Confbridge stream identification

Hello Everybody,

We’ve built a nifty WebRTC video conferencing app, works really well, using JsSIP and Asterisk 16’s ConfBridge with SFU.

I’m trying to figure out how to identify video streams by their respective conference users.

I can get the information to asterisk via sip headers and of course use asterisk to set variables like caller id, etc.

However, when the video stream tracks are added and the WebRTC client (browser) gets them, there is no obvious correlating information. No caller id or anything to grab hold of to match up the stream with the transmitting WebRTC connection, etc.

Asterisk channels keep up with an MSID but it’s never part of the SDP.

Hope this makes sense, any advice appreciated :slight_smile:

There are two blog posts[1][2] which cover this kind of thing.

[1] https://www.asterisk.org/enrich-your-conference-app-with-asterisk-enhanced-messaging-part-1/
[2] https://www.asterisk.org/enrich-your-conference-app-with-asterisk-enhanced-messaging-part-2/

Oooh, good stuff! Didn’t think about that approach, great articles. Thanks again as always :slight_smile:

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