How to aply this patch?

I have a problem with asterisk that even having the trunk and inbound route registered, i can not recieve calls.

The only thing that says is: number unavailable try again later.

And witht the help of sonetel support i´v found that there is a bug.

So how can i apply this patch ??

[code]— chan_sip.c.orig 2013-01-10 00:43:00.000000000 +0400
+++ chan_sip.c 2013-02-15 15:52:44.000000000 +0400
@@ -13744,6 +13744,12 @@
else /* Save for any further attempts */
ast_string_field_set(p, fromuser, l);

  • /* Allow domain to be overridden */
  • if (!ast_strlen_zero(p->fromdomain))
  •   d = p->fromdomain;
  • else /* Save for any further attempts */
  •   ast_string_field_set(p, fromdomain, d);
  • /* Allow user to be overridden */
    if (!ast_strlen_zero(p->fromname))
    n = p->fromname;[/code]

here is also a link to the issue :

i need to have this working urgently, i can´t afford more prejudice on my buisness

Best Regards

Ricardo Costa

That patch has an unsafe copyright status, as it wasn’t correctly submitted, and the issue is still open (I suspect if it had actually been noticed, the patch would have been deleted). It is also not clear which version it was applied against.

If your problem is urgent, you need a skilled C programmer on call, however, basically, you install the Asterisk sources for a version that is close to the one for which the patch was made, run the patch utility (man patch, for details), then do a normal source code build of Asterisk, including any menuconfig settings that differ from the defaults, on your system. There is a jobs forum where you can ask for paid support from members of the community. Peer support forums are not really suitable for mission critical support.

What you probably should do is to add a “me too” on the issue tracker, and hope that the person who submitted the patch will re-submit it properly - only they can do so, as Digium consider them to own the copyright, even for small changes. Unfortunately, as they were told the proper process almost three months ago, I think it unlikely that they will do so.


Thanks for the explanation, and you made me think on how to solve this problem.

I will post another Topic with my problem with outbound calls.

Once again thank you.

Best Regards

Ricardo Costa