Lost Outbound Ringer (PRI not SIP)

Asterisk 1.8.4 (installed from repo)
CentOS release 5.6 (Final)
Digium, Inc. Wildcard TE220 dual-span T1/E1/J1
Span 1 is to telco (PRI) & Span 2 is to our legacy PBX (PRI Crossover)

While I had a working 1.6 box in the lab, I upgraded to 1.8 at some point and then moved to production. Once I put the 1.8 box into production, we no longer heard ringing on outbound calls. If I have Asterisk provide ringing on outbound calls, we are unable to complete long distance calls because we use telco provided long distance account/access codes and we are never receiving the tone that prompts us to enter our long distance code.

I have been troubleshooting in circles and am wondering a few things:

[ul][]Is this a known issue that I just have not found reference to?[/]
[]Should I consider downgrading to 1.6?[/]
[]How would I safely downgrade without losing any configuration?[/]
[]I saw a similar issue for SIP calls, and even a patch for PRI. I am not using SIP, but might this patch solve my problem? and if so, how do I safely apply a patch when I installed from a repo?[/][/ul]

Just looking for some guidance from the experts.


There is a patch here:


that may help.

Thank you for the quick reply. That is the patch I was referring to but am not sure about how to patch since I installed asterisk from the repo.

I saw suggestions of downloading the source for the same version I am on, patching it, and then recompiling. I am familiar with compiling, but I don’t know how that will effect version updates, etc.

What would you suggest as the best game plan for this?

If you’re on RPMs, then:

Unpack the SRPM by installing it
rpm -i asterisk18-*.srpm

Go apply the patch.

Then build the package
rpmbuild -ba /usr/src/redhat/SPECS/asterisk18.spec

Should I do it any differently since I used yum?

Something like:

yumdownloader --source asterisk18

(which actually states that “No source RPM found for asterisk18”)

Maybe I am making too big of a deal out of this. I use yum and of course don’t want the next yum update to break.

There’s this:

wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/ … e+Packages

wiki page, but I don’t think it provides the instructions you need.

Hmm, yeah. That is for debian, but you have pointed me in the right direction so I will see if I can figure it out and will post my results here for the next guy who wants to know how to patch without breaking yum.

Much appreciated.

OK, so I did end up downgrading and so far it looks like it worked out well. This is what I did:

Copied the config files for good measure.

mkdir ~/asterisk18 cp -r /etc/asterisk ~/asterisk18

Made sure I had a list of what I needed to do:

Removed each package individually

When I got to asterisk18-core, removing it wanted to remove freepbx and there was no way around that – using yum anyway, so I used rpm:

Then finished removing each individual package and followed up with:

yum clean all yum install asterisk16 asterisk16-addons-mysql amportal restart

restarted flawlessly

Next step is to see if I still have the problem that started all of this.

Thanks again for your responses. I’ll post back if the results were not as expected.