How to answer a call through Java?

Is it possible to answer a calling device throug AMI?

There is hangup method on the AsteriskChannel class but i didnt find any answer methods.

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This is the wrong forum for support questions.

A calling device will always create a channel and run the “pbx” on that channel, so you will need a diaplan to catch it. Put something that waits indefinitely in that dialplan and then redirect the call to an extension that starts with Answer, using AMI.

I don’t see the relevance of Java. This applies to any AMI language.

I am really sorry if i missed the forum - I considered my question more “general” than “support”. I agree that Java is not an issue.

I was looking for a solution where a user could answer a call on the phone (we have a trunk to an alcatel pbx) or on the GUI application.

I know one solution is via alcatel CSTA, but i would prefer something on the asterisk side - if it is possible. I am not sure that transfering a call is what I am looking for. I cant have answer in my dialplan if a user wants to answer a call on the phone (normally) - am i wrong?

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