FXO Answer Call

Hi there,

I have Digium, Inc.Wildcard TDM800P 8-port analog card (rev 11) installed. with asterisk 1.4 version

My problem is, when i make call dahdi channel answer the call before it actually answered. Instead of making progress.

I tried to play with chan_dahdi.conf file and set “answeronpolarity=yes” but when i make call it does not receive answering signal when the customer answer the call and it hang up after dial timeout seconds.

Is there anyway to answer the call when it actually get answered?

Sohaib Khan

Ask your PSTN operator to provide answer supervision, using polarity reversal, then set the option you already mentioned.

You may find that your PSTN operator only provides this facility on lines intended for PABX use.

Ahan, let me talk to them.

Thanks David.