How Restrict Outbound Calls To Particular Numbers


I have :

  1. Asterisk 1.4
  2. DAHDI 2.1
  3. 4 - port E1 PRI card

I have created PBX using asterisk. I can call manually through softphone.


exten => _X.,1,Dial(DAHDI/g0/${EXTEN})

its working perfectly.

I have 100 contracts that i want block outbound calls to that numbers.

is possible to make black list in asterisk?



Yes. More specific matches take precedence over less specific ones.

(You could also do an explicit database lookup.)


Thanks for the replay.

How can i use blacklist feature for outgoing calls.

I need DND functionality.

If works in outgoing calls then , I have 100 number in a TXT file. I want to upload that into Asterisk DB. How can i do that?

what are the dialplans i have to use for that?