How many call can Asterisk 1.2 can handle

Hi to everyone just a little question, how many calls can asterisk 1.2 handle on a server 12 cores, 8Gb ram using G711 without transcoding through sip trunk.

There is no fixed number. The number is how many you’ve tested your system for under your specific configuration and conditions.

I’m hoping you ‘mis-typed’ 1.2. 1.2 was left for dead a decade ago :slight_smile:

I would suspect the number would be between xxx and xx,xxx. The only way to get an estimate you have any confidence in is to bench it out with the workload you are expecting.

But, I don’t think it is a good design to put all of your eggs in one basket. You should design your system as a farm of Asterisk servers.

With a monolithic design, how will you handle hardware failures, software upgrades, unexpected call spikes, etc.?

Unless you are expecting xxx,xxx concurrent calls and this is just one of the hosts.

@sedwards sadly is not a mis-type our call center platform use asterisk 1.2 (yeap one dot two) we have a farm of asterisk but the ancient version of asterisk make me sad :confused: and at 2XX calls all sip trunks going to lagged or unreachable

@jcolp the issue is at 2XX calls, trunks going to unreacheable

It is possible that 1.2 uses select for everything, and is limited to 1024 file descriptors. 1.6 uses select for parking and has that limit, but poll is used for simpler calls.

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thank you everyone, i resolve the issue indeed it was capacity, we add another PBX and its done

200 calls is the limit

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