How I get calling status from asterisk?


I want to notify the CTI client application that I made with oneself (incoming number, the extension number that I received it and talked about) of the busy line.

I perform the call with IP telephone, but perform indication of the customer information in my CTI clients
When it is hard to use it because I cannot show my CTI client the situation that I receive it and talked about, I am said to be it from a visitor

I am happy if there are some kind of different methods when you can tell the location of the information.
Because it is in condition not to understand whether it is what kind of keyword, and I should check it, I of I am saved when I can have even a hint.
I make a wish.

Asterisk 11.13.0 IP telephone: Nakayo IP-24N-ST101A CTI client: made by myself (VisualC++, Conaito VoIP SIP Client SDK) DB: MySQL 5.1.73

If you want to do it live then you can use the Asterisk Manager Interface to get events as things occur and interpret/display the information. If you’d like to do it afterwards you’d need to use CDR records. CDR records can be stored on disk or in a database. It would be up to you to look and interpret. The same goes for the queue_log if you are using app_queue.

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