Asterisk event notifications

Hi there. Forgive me if I missed something in docs. I’m a complete newbie in asterisk and I’ve been assigned a task to integrate the VoIP asterisk exchange with the internal CRM system. Basically, the goal is that CRM must know if agent is using the phone right now (realtime), and if so, what numer (client) it is. ANY help or advices with solving this issue will be highly appreciated.

The thing I want to achieve is that asterisk is making http requests with SIP status updates. I mean - I want to track events:

  • dialing number/signal
  • answered/busy
  • hung up
    all the events should include such data as ids (phone number), call type (incoming,outgoing).
    Beer for anyone who guide me or give any advices what tools to use or what should I study to achieve that!

I’d suggest looking at AMI, The Asterisk Manager Interface.

Here’s a tutorial that talks about using it with Java

Here’s another tutorial that talks about AMI

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Look this code:

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Thank you! I will have a look!

Great job guys! asterisk-java events did the job!