How do I?

How do I do all of the following at the same time.
[ul]Ring a few extensions
Play some music
Wait for caller input[/ul]
I want to be able to take an incoming call, tell caller to hold for an operator, but press 1 at anytime to leave a message if they get fed up of waiting, then play them some music until the call is answered or they press 1 or hangup.

I find when I use the ‘m’ option in my dial() command asterisk doesn’t listen for input.


Which version of Asterisk? Some people reported problem of music-on-hold in 1.4 - don’t know if you experience the same but worth a search.

You will need to setup a queue to do all this at once. The queue can have a period announcement telling them they can press a digit to leave a message. This will cut into the music on hold and play depending on the fequency you have it set to play. During the time the music on hold and your message is playing, it is ringing the logged in agents.